Cozying up with Rick Steves

LOCATION: Venice, Italy

Finding inexpensive accommodation in Venice is difficult. We found this great hotel, Hotel Pensione Guerrato on It costs more than we usually pay, but with rebates, it wasn’t too bad.

It is in a great location, right next to the Rialto Market. In front of our hotel’s water bus stop is a temporary art installation….

Imagine to our great surprise, that when we checked in that we found out that Rick Steves has stayed here and regularly books his tour groups here. This book was conveniently placed in the lobby…

I feel a bond with Rick, as we are the same age, and both started traveling in Europe at the same time.

The hotel was built in 1288. It is not for everyone…..our room is on the 5th floor with no elevator!

One thought on “Cozying up with Rick Steves

  1. caroline

    Great photos !
    We tried to stay at the Pensione on our 1st visit to Venice but my parents couldn’t manage the stairs. The owners offered one their rental apts instead …. it was wonderful. We had to pick up the apt keys from the Pensione but didn’t get to see the rooms. We’ve stayed at the apts twice since when there are more than 3 of us travelling together.
    We ran into Rick Steves when we were visiting Cinque Terre. If you’re ever in Seattle, his shop in Edmonds (about 1 hr north) is a great resource. It’s like a library/gift shop combo. We’ve run into him there as well.
    Enjoying your blog ( as always)


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