Pigeon poop and other fun in Venice

LOCATION: Hotel Pensione Guerrato in Venice, Italy

WEATHER: Beautiful again. High 80

Another day to use our water bus (called vaporetto) 2-day pass. We’ve already travelled more than the ticket cost us, but today we planned to do more.

First we walked through the market that is right outside our pensione. Beautiful fish.

It is strawberry season so there are a lot of strawberries in the market. You can smell them as you walk by. Beautiful artichokes, too

Also beautiful herbs…

We kind of wanted to go on a gondola ride, but they are terribly expensive – about $100 for 45 minutes; more expensive in the evening. So, we did the cheap way – took a $3 ride across the canal with the locals. Good enough to get a photo!

Then to the Rialto Bridge, not far from our pensione, and famous for its views.

We took the vaporetto to the main plaza and checked out the bus situation to get us to the airport tomorrow. We happened to see the light rail tram, so decided to jump on it, since it is included in our water bus ticket.

We had learned that most locals cannot afford to live in Venice. So, they commute from nearby towns. We stopped in one of those commuter towns. We found a cute bar where a few old men were drinking espresso. We ordered two spritzes. They were super cheap and were served with potato chips and peanuts.

Since there are no roads in Venice, everything has to be delivered by boat. We’ve seen construction boats, mail service boats, moving van boats, and this one delivering big urns of wine and barrels of beer….

We found another cute bar where they serve the Venice tapas. They have the big wine urns that we saw on the delivery boat

We had enough tapas to call it lunch. These bars are tiny and can only fit about 5 customers at a time, so everyone spills outside. While we were standing outside eating and drinking, along with other customers, George got “shat” upon by a pigeon. Immediately, two absolutely gorgeous Italian women rushed up and cleaned George up, telling him that this poop will give him good luck all day and he should buy a lottery ticket.

Another boat ride took us to a very different part of the city where the Hilton Hotel is. We had heard they have a rooftop bar with a great view of the city, so we checked it out..

DINNER: We had a glass of wine at another one of Rick Steves’ recommended bars, then pizza at another place he suggested for a cheap meal

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