A walk in the woods….with snakes!

LOCATION: Housesitting in western England, in Ross-on-Wye

WEATHER: Beautiful. Sunny. High about 70

We took the dogs for a long walk in the woods. Mojo, one of the dogs, has a keen sense of direction, and he guided us back home. (Otherwise, we might have walked endlessly along the many paths). The bluebells blanket the forest – just beautiful.

As we were walking along, Beamish, the other Jack Russell, suddenly pounced on something in the grass. Then, he started whipping his head around. I realized that it was a snake. I screamed and he let it go. I was worried that the snake was poisonous and that it had bitten Beamish. After things calmed down, we saw that Beamish was ok, but the non-poisonous snake was a goner.

When we walk, we seem to always encounter people. Brits like to hike, and sometimes we meet others just out for fresh air or walking their dogs, too. Also, we learned that there is a farm on the other side of the mountain. We see a lot of the workers (non-English speaking Romanians) walking on the paths to and from the farms, sometimes carrying big bags of groceries (and one time a TV!) Right after the snake incident, we saw a couple walking who strangely avoided one section. When we got close, we saw why…..another snake. Beamish wanted to have a go at this one, too, but we had him on his leash and wouldn’t let him.

DINNER: We invited Ryan, the homeowner’’s son, for grilled hamburgers. I baked some finger potatoes in the Aga oven, which gave them a nice crispy crust. Salad on the side. Feels like summer!

The dogs were hoping for a handout from the grill….

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