Day trip to Hereford

LOCATION: Housesitting in Ross-on-Rye in Western England

WEATHER: Smashing! Sunny. High 70

After sorting out the dogs with Ryan, the homeowner’s son, and the housekeeper at the main house, we walked into town to catch the bus to Hereford.

On the double-decker bus, we sat in the front row on top in order to see and appreciate the beautiful countryside. The fields were a combination of green (hay and barley), yellow (rape-seed) and purple (lavender). Absolutely fantastic!

Hereford is an old market town. George immediately needed to find a bathroom, so we popped into the first pub we saw and had their local ciders. George tried mango; I had something called dark fruit. Both were tasty. Since they make so much cider here, it is very popular and have lots of varieties in the pubs.

Then, we strolled around the old, cobblestone streets until we arrived at the magnificent cathedral.

After touring it, we were more than ready for some lunch. We found this nice-looking, old pub and gave it a try. We talked with the owner who said he is from Cyprus, so we had the Greek meatball pita. (Spelled pitta here). We sat outside in the beer garden. Wow!

All of the pubs in Britain have beautiful signs in front of them. I thought it was just a nice tradition, until I read about a brewery that employs artists to make them. I learned that in 1393, King Richard II passed a law requiring all alehouses to exhibit a sign outside their premises, to ensure that they were easily identifiable for tax and trade controls. Now we know! 🙂

Back home, we picked up the dogs from the main house, and rested with them in our cottage. Ryan came to pick them up before dinner. No sooner had he left with the dogs, than I heard a noise at the front door… was Mojo, wanting to be with us. After about an hour, another cutie scratched at the back door wanting to join us. It is heart-warming to know that they like being with us!

DINNER: Creamy risotto with bell pepper, mushrooms, onions and a few bits of bacon. Yum!

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