Lazy day at the manor

LOCATION: Housesitting in Ross-on-Wye in western England

WEATHER: Cooler. High 60.

Quiet day today. A day of reading and working on the computer. I started, and finished, a great book called Crooked Heart by Lissa Evans, about the evacuation of children from London in WWII. Highly recommend. We watched all the speculation and building-up of the Royal Wedding on TV. Wonder if it is getting much press in the US news?

I took the dogs for a walk along the railway path while George napped. Hard day.

In the afternoon, we rousted ourselves and walked into town to do a little grocery shopping. As a reward, we stopped in a very old pub for a drink. Quite nice

DINNER: Chili over polenta slices. I added some of the leftover grilled hamburger as well as leftover roasted chicken bits. It made a lot, so we took a bowl up to Ryan at the main house.

One thought on “Lazy day at the manor

  1. Keith

    Are you kidding? The press is all agog over the wedding. All the broadcasters are carrying it live, after the hours long pre show and followed by the hours long recap. Tea parties and booze ups all over town!


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