Day trip to Cymru (Wales)

LOCATION: Housesitting in Ross-on-Wye, England

WEATHER: Sunny. High mid 60s

Today we were off to Wales. It sounds like quite a journey, but it is only 10 miles away!

We walked downtown to pick up the bus. We joined the queue along with other Old Age Pensioners. The British OAPs get to ride free, so they ride quite a bit – to visit friends, shop in other towns, etc. The friendly bus driver knew all their names and kidded everyone.

We grabbed a front seat on the top of the double-decker bus for more good views. The streets in town are very narrow. As we were leaving the town, we encountered this delivery truck parked on the right side of the street. The driver was nowhere to be found, and we couldn’t get around. The bus driver got out and searched. He was quite angry. We created quite a traffic jam behind us. After about 15 minutes, the truck driver appeared (probably after a coffee in the pub) and we were off, too.

The roads in the country are impossibly narrow, too. It is a good thing another bus or truck didn’t approach us on this road. Although it was only 10 miles to our Welsh destination, the circuitous route through tiny villages took us 45 minutes. It was delightful.

We were disappointed not to hear anyone speaking Welsh, but all the signage is in English and Welsh. All the children are required to study Welsh throughout school.

We had lunch in an outdoor cafe overlooking this bridge, built in the 1200s.

DINNER: Ryan made us Thai curry with prawns and green beans. It was delicious. The family has lived in SE. Asia, so he learned how to make it there.

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