Castle in the country

LOCATION: Housesitting in Ross-on-Wye, England

WEATHER: Smashing! Sunny. High 70

Today we retraced our steps back toward Wales. We took the same bus, but got off in a village on the Wales/England border that has a marvelous pub/inn and castle.

It is a beautiful location. The pub was built in the 1200s and sits along the river

This will probably be our last British country pub on this trip. It is something that we are really going to miss.

Since the weather was so nice, we sat in the garden to eat our lunch of a brie and bacon sandwich and some wild mushroom pate.

We walked off our lunch by trekking up the hill to the castle. They say that Wales has more castles than just about any country.

Back home, we relaxed by our backyard pond. Life at the manor!

Mojo stayed with us while Beamish went up to the main house with the homeowner’s son.

DINNER: Omelette to use up some leftovers and broccoli/cheese soup.

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