The Royal Wedding….of course!

LOCATION: Housesitting in Ross-on-Wye, in western England

WEATHER: Perfect (of course!) for the wedding. Sunny. High 73

We did what most all of England did this morning – watch the Royal Wedding on TV (or the telly as they say here).

Starting at about 6:00 AM, we watched the build-up. All morning, the TV folks speculated about the dress, the weather, the procession, and the KISS. Amazing how they can go on and on. Interestingly, there were no commercial breaks.

When things got dull, we went up to the main house to check on things. The flowers there are beautiful.

Then, the big moment at 12:00 noon, when the wedding started. It was majestic, perfect in every way, and just royal!

At about 2:00, when the ceremony was over and the TV personnel were just rehashing the event, we walked to the town center. It was eerily quiet, like a ghost town. I think everyone was inside, just glued to their Telly. There were lots of British flags and banners hanging from windows all over town.

We did some shopping and stopped at a pub where they had some special Royal Wedding drinks. They were featuring a beer called The Windsor Knot made with “a combination of British and American hops”.

DINNER: Indian Tikka Marsala. I used a jar of the sauce and added leftover chicken and veg to it. Served it over rice. Seemed a bit British, in keeping with today’s spirit.

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