Last day housesitting in western England

LOCATION: Housesitting in Ross-on-Wye, England

WEATHER: Sunny again and nice. High 70

For today, our last full day here housesitting, we wanted to return to the Wye River one more time.

We walked the dogs through town and down to the river. We had a nice lunch at a riverside pub.

We talked with a couple that is doing a 5-day rowing trip down the Wye River. It gave us an idea for a future trip. They are going with the current, so it isn’t too difficult. They stop at pubs for lunch and tie up at B&Bs at night.

We basked in the sunshine and really had a nice time.

Back home, I did the last bit of laundry. The Aga oven stays on all of the time, and puts out quite a bit of heat. It does a good side job as a clothes dryer. 🙂

DINNER: Lasagne. I made a casserole for our homeowners, and a smaller one for us. They will return late tonight.

CRISIS —- I normally don’t check emails at night, but I did tonight when I went to the main house to fetch some dog food. I had one from Ryanair apologizing for our flight cancellation tomorrow for France. Yikes! Check tomorrow’s blog to see what we will do.

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