Wine and more wine!

LOCATION: Bordeaux, France

WEATHER: Cloudy but nice. High 70

After a quick croissant and coffee, we were off to the Cite’ de Vin (City of Wine) museum. Our tram trip and entrance fees were free, included in the 24-hour pass we had purchased. The museum is supposed to look like a wine carafe on its side.

It was quite well-done, with a self-guided tour about all aspects of wine. A reward for finishing the tour was a glass of wine on their top, 8th floor, with a panoramic view of the city.

Then, a tram (free) back to the city center. Lucky us – there was a food and wine festival going on. Lots of restaurants were featuring their best menu items under huge tents. We found a Basque one for lunch.

We shared a tapas platter, full of different kinds of meat, pate, calamari, cheese and olives.

Then, we boarded the tourist bus for an afternoon in the Medoc wine region.

But first, our bus got stuck in Bordeaux! There was a detour due to street construction, which took us down a narrow side street. We couldn’t make the turn, so had to back up about 3 blocks. The bus driver was amazing. Then, we couldn’t make the other turn, so he had to back up again. Another turn he couldn’t make. Frustrated, he got out of the bus and tracked down the construction guys. They helped him make the turn. By this time, we had quite an audience. Forty-five minutes later, we were on the road to Medoc.

Our first stop was a family-owned winery. The owner’s wife, 6th generation, gave us a tour and then we did a tasting.

Then, on to a more commercial winery with a beautiful chateau used for events.

The grapevines are seriously pruned and are about 60 years old.

Back in Bordeaux, we walked along the riverfront, with lots of cafes’ bursting with people. Tram back to the train station area where we had a leisurely meal.

DINNER: We shared a country pate made of foie gras, pork and mushrooms. White I asparagus pizza with thin slices of Serrano ham. And a little bit of wine……

Then we walked to a parking lot where we boarded our bus for Paris at 10:30 PM. And we are off!

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