Back to the USA~

LOCATION: Mission, Texas


We had to get up early to catch a bus to Gatwick Airport in London. Everything went smoothly. We flew Norwegian Airlines, a new no-frills inexpensive airline. We were quite impressed. Knowing that we wouldn’t get any meals, we bought a to-go lunch at “Jamie Oliver’s Deli” in the airport. Otherwise, we could have pre-ordered/pre-paid for 2 hot meals onboard. As with all the no-frills airlines, you have to be careful about the add-ons. Since we didn’t have any checked luggage, we saved on having to pay for that. They are quite generous with their carry-on policy (unlike Ryanair and Easy Jet, 2 other cheapo airlines). Also, they try to get you to pay extra ahead of time for seat assignments, but we didn’t. We still got seats together.

Once on board, we took off on time. Surprisingly the flight was almost full. Who knew that so many people would want to fly direct from London to Austin?

The food/drink service was brilliant. I don’t know if other airlines do this or not, but it is so much better than the traditional method. If you have pre-ordered, then they just bring you your meal and drinks after take-off. If you have not pre-ordered, you can order on the computer screen at your seat. They have snacks, sandwiches and drinks. You swipe your credit card on the screen. Then, a few minutes later, the steward brings you your order. So, there is no need for endless carts going up and down the aisles. Brilliant!

We arrived on time in Austin, and since we didn’t have any checked bags, we were whisked through customs. We picked up the rental car and took off.

Five hours later, we arrived in our tiny house in Mission. Everything seems to be in order in the house. By this time, it is 8:00 PM, but our bodies are screaming 2:00 AM. It is HOT here. This is the week’s forecast. We will be here for about a week, prepping for the road trip. I can’t wait to leave this heat!!

One thought on “Back to the USA~

  1. caroline

    Welcome home from your latest adventures!
    Small world …..I was at Jamie Olivers in Gatwick on Thursday picking up b’fast before my flight home!! ( I stayed at the IBIS hotel about 10 minutes away; highly recommend it $85. )

    Really enjoyed your recent travels. And ready for the next round.


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