Countdown to take-off!

LOCATION: Mission, Texas

WEATHER: Hot – 105. Unlucky us – record-breaking high temps this week

Most of our time this week has been spent preparing for the trip. We can’t actually load the Airstream yet, as things will melt! Instead, I’m making endless lists. We’ll load up everything on Saturday and hopefully will hit the road on Sunday AM. I had a panic attack last night when I could not find my detailed list, either paper or online, where I had written our itinerary with all the campground reservations. I found it this morning. Life is good again!

We are also keeping busy with activities in our community. Most of the “Winter Texans” are gone, but a few hardy soles live here year-’round. Since it is a small group, they plan quite a few activities. I did Wine Wednesday yesterday, and plan to go to the Saturday breakfast pot-luck. Everyday I have been doing water aerobics, which I really enjoy, although the swimming pool is rather tepid…

We are only about 1/2 mile to the Mexican border. The closest safe crossing is about 15 miles away, in Progreso. We went there today to buy drugs – legal ones, that is. While we are traveling, we will only have 3 months of prescriptions. In case we are somewhere where we cannot get new prescriptions, we like to take a few extra pills with us. You can get just about any prescription drug in Mexico without a prescription. It is crazy. As soon as you cross into Mexico, you are overwhelmed with people shouting at you to come buy Viagra at their pharmacy, or to get cheap dental work, or a hair cut, or a massage, etc etc. It really is something else. We said “no gracias” a lot, and rushed to the pharmacy that we like. We also stopped in two veterinary pharmacies to look for some meds for one of our neighbor’s dogs.

George stopped along the way to buy a belt..

Then, an air-conditioned oasis. Aaaaahhhh! We stopped at a nice place for a margarita and a huge order of guacamole.

We showed our passports, paid 25 cents each, and re-entered the USA. Successful trip!

DINNER: Shrimp in an Asian sauce along with ginger/soy vegetables.

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