Getting ready to hit the road

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Retama Village in Mission, Texas

WEATHER: Same heat. 105 ish

We are doing last-minute errands and packing the Airstream, although we can’t load too much ahead of time as things might melt!

The truck had an oil-change and check-up, as did George at the doctor’s office (check-up only, no oil change). 🙂

In the evening, we had some Retama Village friends over for cocktails. I introduced them to spritzers which we learned about in Venice, Italy. Very refreshing on a hot day.

We finished mapping out our first leg of the trip. We will be staying mostly in Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds. We also hope to stay in a few Harvest Host sites along the way. Our destination for this first part of the trip is Edenton on the North Carolina coast, where we have a housesitting assignment.

DINNER: I tried a recipe that someone on a no-carb diet posted. It was a casserole of sauteed onion, bell pepper, garlic, hamburger, riced cauliflower, canned tomatoes, and taco seasoning. After cooking, I topped with Mexican and cheddar cheese. Yummy, and no carbs!

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