Texas is a BIG state!

LOCATION: Near Jefferson, Texas – in far NE Texas

WEATHER: Still hot – 98

CAMPGROUND: Alley Creek Camp at Ferrells Bridge Dam, Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) Park. We try to stay in ACOE parks as much as possible. They are always woodsy, usually on water, have nice hookups and sites, and are a good bargain! This one did not disappoint. 5 stars out of 5. We are right on Lake o’ the Pines, with a view of the lake from our site. Nice long, paved, level site with fire pit and picnic table. Lots of nice shady pine trees. Electricity (50 amp) and water at site; dump station nearby. Bathrooms are private – each with its own shower. $14/night with National Senior Park Pass.

We left Goose Island State Park at 9:30 AM. We hadn’t unhooked or even put the stabilizers down, so it was easy to get going. Our Mapquest had told us that it would be 5 hours to today’s destination, but we wanted to avoid Houston. So, 5 hours turned out to be 9.5 hours by the time we skirted around Houston on backroads.

It was interesting to see how the landscape changed as we drove north. First, we were along the coast, then through farmland – lots of corn, potatoes, and sorghum. Then, the Texas Hill Country, and finally here in the area called Piney Woods. We drove through towns that sadly have seen better days, and passed contrasting, stunning ranches and mansions.

We are not far from Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, but it seems like it takes forever to get through Texas.

We arrived at the campground about 7:00, pretty pooped out. These deer greeted us….

Our site is beautiful. We will be here 3 nights. We are trying to slow down our travels a bit. On previous trips, we have zipped through the country, staying generally only 1-2 nights at each place.

DINNER: Sort of weird. I tried a new recipe – eggs poached in green sauce. I made a green sauce by blending boiled fresh spinach and Mexican green chili salsa. I nestled two eggs in the boiling sauce to poach them. Served with Lima beans (more green!) and ciabatta rolls that I baked in the microwave/convention oven.

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