In the Deep South

LOCATION: Grenada, Mississippi – north central part of state

WEATHER: Cooler – high of only 95. 😦

CAMPGROUND: North Abutment Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) campground at Lake Grenada. Electricity (50 amp) and water hook-ups. Central dump station. Beautiful, long paved sites. Very spread out – no nearby neighbors. Air-conditioned, clean bathroom with decent showers. 5 stars out of 5. With national park pass – only $10/night!

We started out only a half hour later than planned – at 9:30 AM. We drove about an hour to Louisiana, passing by lots of swampy areas.

Then, most of the day across the entire state of Arkansas – more bayou areas, rice fields which they will flood, plant rice, harvest rice, then stock with crawfish. We also drove through lots of pine forests with the accompanying logging trucks. We took back roads, which were mostly good.

Finally, to Mississippi. It was a long day on the road – 8.5 hours. We will be at this campground 3 nights, so we can rest up.

Our campsite is RIGHT on the water – I can touch my toes in the lake about a foot from the back of the trailer. Beautiful.

The only negative is that we don’t have much shade, so we put out all 3 awnings.

DINNER: Pork chop with Cajun dirty rice. Side salad

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