LOCATION: Outside Jefferson, TX

WEATHER: Ditto from every other day. 100ish

CAMPGROUND: Last night at Alley Camp ACOE – see previous description

Today’s destination was Caddo Lake, about 30 miles from here. It has a much different look as compared to Lake O’ The Pines, where we are camping. Caddo Lake is full of centuries-old cypress trees with Spanish moss hanging from them. It feels like a southern Louisiana bayou.

The town called Uncertain is in the bayou country. We aren’t “certain” how it got its name, but I’m guessing it is because they say you can easily get lost on a boat and are “uncertain” where to go down one of its many little inlets. The same goes for the roads – we went down endless narrow farm roads, “uncertain” of where we were. The church is called Uncertain Church, which I thought was interesting/thought-provoking.

Most of the houses near the water in Uncertain are on stilts, as it floods here periodically, and the residents get stranded for weeks.

We had planned to eat lunch at a riverfront restaurant, but it was closed. So, after our uncertain Uncertain tour, we went into a bigger town and found a Texas Cajun restaurant. We shared a crawfish etoufee over blackened catfish wish a hush puppy and dirty rice.

We circled back to Jefferson, where George returned the loaned fishing rod to the Visitors’ Center, and stopped in the general store.

It is chock-full of “stuff”, including a soda shop bar….

Back at the campground, George grilled some chicken and pork chops for me for future meals. I don’t like to cook meat inside the camper.

I brought my herb garden with me – basil, oregano, and dill. It looks pretty perched on the LP gas cover. From the inside, it looks like the planter is on a window sill. We’ll see how long the herbs last, and/or if we can sneak them through the Canadian border in a few weeks.

DINNER: Grilled shrimp with Asian stir-fried rice.

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