The best dam view!

LOCATION: Grenada, MS – in north central part of state

CAMPGROUND: North Abutment Army Corps of Engineers Campground at Lake Grenada – See previous description

WEATHER: Heat advisories. The weatherman said that his next good forecast would be in September!

This morning, this white heron was nibbling on fish right outside our door.

Normally, we don’t frequent any chain restaurant while we are traveling. The exception is to get free wifi at McDonalds when we are camping at places without wifi. Instead of the $2.50 iced coffee, George gets a $.65 cup of regular senior coffee and puts a bunch of ice cubes in the cup! I get a free cup of ice water, and fill up our thermoses with cold water and ice. Do you think we will bankrupt McDonalds? This morning, we spent quite a bit of time in the one in Grenada with the wifi and nice A/C.

Then, we drove into the “historic downtown”. Unfortunately, almost every building is empty. Very sad. The main highway outside of town has attracted the shops and restaurants, and everyone has migrated out there. We did find a cute New Orleans bistro for lunch. We sat under a metal sculpture depicting a cypress tree in a swamp. We shared a Cajun po-boy.

We drove around the huge lake and stopped to watch an informative movie in the visitors’ center about the lake’s dam construction after a horrible flood in the 1920s. We were looking for a lakeside bar/grill for a cold drink, but couldn’t find anything. So, we returned to our campsite for one where we have a “dam good view”!

DINNER: Smoked salmon over spaghetti with a sauce made of cream cheese, dill from my planter, and capers. Side salad was basil (also from my herb planter) and tomatoes.

We enjoyed watching the clouds roll in for a beautiful sunset over the lake.

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