Checking out Oxford

LOCATION: Grenada, MS in north central part of state – on Lake Grenada

WEATHER: Same ole’; same ole’

CAMPGROUND: North Abutment Army Corps of Engineers Campground – see previous description

We went into the town of Grenada for their weekly farmers’ market on the (otherwise deserted) town square. There were only a few stands, but we were able to buy some good-looking veg and fresh eggs.

Then, we drove around the lake. Sometimes you just can’t trust GPS….

We planned to visit a brewpub in a little town nearby, but it was closed. So, we drove on to Oxford. If I had to live in Mississippi, it would be in Oxford. It is a nice college town with beautiful southern mansions all around the town. I read that it was named Oxford, after Oxford, England with the hope that the state would place its university there. It worked! Oxford is home of Ole’ Miss. The downtown square is really cute with small book shops on every corner. Authors William Faulkner and more recently John Grisham became famous here. We found a craft beer place where they have about 25 taps. It is called Growler as you can buy beer by the pint or fill up your growler there.

We had lunch there in cozy chairs in front of TV while George watched the U.S Open.

DINNER: We are still experimenting with the convection oven function of the microwave. Obviously, we have a lot to learn. I made a casserole with grilled chicken and the veg we bought at the farmer’s market (spinach, onions, bell pepper, squash) with Parmesan and bread crumbs on top. I just couldn’t get it to bake like a regular oven. I did figure out how to bake a ciabatta roll.

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