Driving through Atlanta – Need I say more?!

LOCATION: Outside of Gainesville, Georgia – north of Atlanta

WEATHER: Still hot, but mornings and evenings are tolerable

CAMPGROUND: Bolding Mill Army Corps of Engineers Campground. On Lake Sydney Lanier. Electricity (50 amp) and water hookups. Long, paved sites, very spread out. Nice pine trees for shade. Both a stand-up cook grill as well as a campfire ring. Picnic table. Rocky sand on campsite pad was even raked when we arrived. With national senior park pass, $11/night. Good bathrooms with decent showers. Washer and dryer at $.75! 5 stars out of 5.

…..It was my fault. ….

We got a nice, early start from the campground in Northwest Alabama. I turned out the GPS and off we went. Only after about 15 miles did I finally look at the map. GPS was taking us south (wrong) and through both Birmingham and Atlanta. Had I looked at the map, I would have ignored the GPS and gone directly east from the campground, then approached tonight’s campground from the northwest. Oh well, too late.

So, we first went through Birmingham, filled with spaghetti-junction construction. Not too bad except the semi-trucks.

We realize that the GPS likes the Interstates as that is generally the fastest route. So, today we were destined to be on about 5 interstates throughout the day. After Birmingham, we had about 130 miles to Atlanta. Again, full of semi-trucks, one that cut us off and almost made us go into the ditch.

Then, we came up to an accident worsened by construction. Traffic was just sitting there. So, at our first chance, we got off the interstate, cleared the accident, and found our way back on it 10 miles later, almost traffic-free (as the traffic was still sitting there behind the accident).

Then, Atlanta. It was indescribably horrible. I hid my head most of the time, except when George asked for help with directions; I tried to minimize my gasping and screaming so as not to distract him. Our first exit wasn’t clearly marked, and we had to wait for a kind soul to let us in. Then, the lane we were in ended abruptly and we had to merge with people who were not feeling kindly. Finally, finally, after about 2 hours north of Atlanta, the traffic cleared. Then, happily we were on country roads toward our destination, with glimpses of the large lake.

As we entered the campground, we realized that we have been here before. It was a few years ago, and was just a quick overnight, so we will enjoy it more this time.

With the loss of an hour entering Eastern time zone and the Atlanta traffic, today was a 7-hour day on the road. We were exhausted.

We relaxed at the campsite. We can see the lake from our site. Interestingly, there is another Airstream right by us. This is the first Airstream we have seen so far on this trip.

George fired up the stand-up grill and made tonight’s dinner as well as cooking up some meats for future meals.

DINNER: Blue cheese hamburgers. Decadently delicious. Sides were spinach salad, steamed green beans, and roasted potato wedges. We are still eating veg from the farmers’ market from a few days ago.

We sat outside in the dark, while the fireflies put on a show for us. A deer ran past us in the dark. Pretty cool. This is camping!

PS – Sorry – no photos today. They would have been of Interstates and/or grid-lock traffic.

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