Try to keep cool….

LOCATION: Near Gainesville, GA – north of Atlanta, on Lake Sydney Lanier

CAMPGROUND: See previous description

WEATHER: 100ish and sunny

We hung around the camper in the AM, perusing the Airstream’s instruction manuals. Good thing to do — we realized that we were doing the A/C incorrectly and that George needs to do one additional thing while unhooking and hooking up. I found my answer, perhaps, to using the convection oven option in the microwave.

Then, we went driving around. We were looking for a new craft beer bar in a small town near us. We couldn’t find it. We think its advertised fall 2017 opening may have slipped a bit. Finally, we found a nice chicken wing bar/restaurant. It was nicely air-conditioned and had great wifi, so we hung out there for quite awhile.

Then, more exploring of the area. We stopped at this beautiful winery, also well air-conditioned. They grow muscadine grapes, so their own wines are sweet. They also, however, bottle some good California wine, so we had a taste. Along with the chateau, which doubles as an event center, there is an inn, restaurant, golf course, and housing development. All very much “over-the-top”.

From there, we drove around the lake. We found a cute bar at this marina and sat in the shade, enjoying the lake breeze.

DINNER: I boiled a package of frozen mixed seafood (clams, octopus, calamari, fish) and served it with rice in a pesto/lime juice sauce. Added the last of the farmers’ market spinach.

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