North Carolina wine-tasting

LOCATION; Wilkesboro, North Carolina

WEATHER: Overcast and cooler. High 80s

CAMPGROUND: Back at Fort Hamby ACOE campground

After a nice breakfast and chat with George’s brother and sister-in-law, we said goodbye and left Winston-Salem. Since it was just a one-hour trip back to the campground, we took our time.

In the last 20 years or so, North Carolina has become quite well-known for its wines. Seeing some signs for wineries, we decided to check some out.

The first place we stopped at was very “homey” and low key. A formerly derelict farm house has been turned into the tasting room. They have a barn for events. The owner are artists and have designed their own labels. The pourer told us that since fewer people smoke these days, that the tobacco fields are being converted to vineyards and the old tobacco barns are becoming tasting rooms. We enjoyed the tasting and bought a bottle of dry rose, as well as some of their farm fresh eggs – multicolored. Talking with one of the owners, we discovered that this is a Harvest Host site. We could have camped here! Maybe next time.

There are about 20 wineries in the Yadkin Valley (where we are). We picked up a wine trail map, and decided to stop in one other one on our way home. This one was more sophisticated with a nice outdoor picnic area. Nice gardens and outdoor seating. We bought a bottle of their wine vinaigrette.

We stopped at a mom & pop kind of place for lunch, with Southern food featured. For $7.25, we shared a meatloaf platter, stuffing ourselves with meatloaf, hush puppies, fried okra, cucumber salad, and home-made potato chips. We waddled out of the restaurant thinking about the small damage to our wallet, but probably larger damage to our arteries!

DINNER: The refrigerator is getting a little low, so I had to make due. I did an Asian stir-fried rice with leftover grilled chicken, rice, peas, mushrooms, and eggs – all with sesame oil and soy sauce. Oishikata, as they say in Japanese.

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