Back to house-sitting!

LOCATION: Edenton, North Carolina – on Albermarle Sound on the Atlantic

WEATHER: Hot and muggy

We left our campground in Wilkesboro, NC right on time – 9:00 AM. We had to pretty much cross the state from west to east. We planned the trip to avoid the busy Greensboro-Raleigh-Durham area, and our plan worked fine.

We arrived in Edenton about 4:00. We can’t wait to explore the town. There are beautiful Victorian houses lining the waterfront, and a cute downtown. Lots of B&Bs. We are near a marina.

While in Edenton, we will be taking care of 2 cats and a dog while the owner travels to Cape Cod.

This is the end of the first leg of our trip – about 2000 miles from Mission. We have enjoyed all of the campgrounds where we have stayed – mostly all Army Corps of Engineers, which we highly recommend, for both quality and price. We will be here for about a week, and will then head north. We will zip up through the busy east coast, then spend some time in Vermont and Maine, before meeting up with our friends in New Brunswick.

We walked to an oyster bar for dinner – right around the corner. How nice!

DINNER: Crab dip with pita toasts. George and I shared a mahi-mahi fillet with risotto. Hush puppies and cornbread on the side – after all, we are still in the South!

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