Southern Charm

LOCATION: Edenton, North Carolina


The Saturday morning farmers’ market was our first destination today. We loaded up on freshly picked, local cucumbers, peppers, potatoes, onions, squash, blueberries, and cantaloupes as well as home-made bread and goat cheese. Yummy

Then, to Main Street to check out some restaurants. We first stopped at this wine shop/beer shop/gift shop/bistro for a beer. The courtyard is used as outdoor seating.

Then, we found a little sandwich shop, reminiscent of the 60s where we had a crab cake on a baguette. Surprisingly good!

There are a lot of historic homes available for tours around town. Many were built before the USA was formed. Hard to imagine. This one is called the Cupola House.

We drove out into the country, looking for a place to buy roasted-in-the-shell peanuts, as this area is famous for its peanuts. On the way, we passed by lots of tobacco farms.

DINNER: Meatloaf. I had a recipe of the Iowa State Fair’s meatloaf contest that I wanted to try. Taking advantage of the homeowner’s oven, I baked it and it turned out fine. (I jazzed it up a bit with cayenne pepper and hot sauce as Iowans are not known for their spicy tastebuds). Side of summer squash.

Then – the fun! We returned to the Main Street wine shop where they set up Vinyl Night/Sangria Saturdays on Saturday nights. About 50 locals were happily crowded into seating in the courtyard. A guy that collects vinyl records played his favorites and customers’ requests. We listened to a wide variety of high quality sound from Frank Sinatra, ABBA, Elton John, as well as my favorite song….La Bamba. There were sing-alongs and a few people danced. Great fun! We sat next to a couple that recently moved here and had a very pleasant conversation with them. We hope to do this again next Saturday.

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