Historic Edenton

LOCATION: Edenton, North Carolina

WEATHER: Watching the weather on TV is not good as they announce not only the high temps but also the heat index – around 106 daily

Our charges here are easy to take care of. Chula, a chocolate lab/pit bull mix, is a sweetie. The 2 cats do their own thing. They are indoor/outdoor and mostly are interested in only coming in for meals.

We are checking out places to take George’s sister and brother-in-law when they visit later this week. This is a waterfront restaurant where we sat at the bar that used to be a part of a barge. They were grilling lobsters on the lawn…

Edenton has a lot of history, dating back to pre-1776 days. This restaurant is named the 51 House in honor of the 21 brave women who wrote to the king in 1751 demanding representation since they were being taxed.

We spent a quiet afternoon inside with the animals, just chilling out and reading.

DINNER: This new recipe turned out really really well – a shrimp and scallop risotto. The recipe called for lobster stock, but since I was fresh out of lobster I used a Japanese bouillon called dashi. It is made from dried bonito flakes and is used in a lot of Asian recipes. After making the rice part, I added the seafood, then some cream cheese, Parmesan and butter. So how could I miss?

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