Strange, but true..

LOCATION: Edenton, North Carolina

WEATHER: Hot and steamy, no change

Today, we drove to Elizabeth City, about 30 minutes from here, just to see another part of the state. We drove by lots of peanut fields. This area is considered to be one of the poorest parts of the state.

Our first stop was lunch and a beer. Elizabeth City has a microbrewery but it is only open for tastings on the weekends. So, we found a bar/grill that has craft beers on tap.

North Carolina has some strange laws about alcohol. Some counties are still “dry”. A few years ago, we went to Lexington, home of North Carolina’s famous BBQ. A nice cold IPA would have paired beautifully with the BBQ, but we were shocked to learn that the county is dry, so we had to settle for (yucky sweet) iced tea.

Today, this sign greeted us at the door of the bar….

In this county, public bars are not allowed. In order to operate a place that serves alcohol, you either have to have greater food sales than alcohol sales, or run it as a private club. So, this place requires membership. We are now proud members of the Elizabeth City Downtown Draught House!

After lunch there and an IPA, we checked out the downtown. Being on the waterfront, it is not totally desolate, but it is not nearly as nice as Edenton. We found the courthouse to get a document notarized. The crepe myrtles all around here are beautiful.

George struck up a conversation with this fellow, as I scurried into the air-conditioned government building. Afterwards, he asked us if he would give him a ride. He is partially blind. During the drive to where we dropped him off, he gave us a long narrative of his life and the history of the city. A real character!

DINNER: Gazpacho as an appetizer. The tomatoes are really getting good. Main course was BLTs, another summer delight.

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