Wishing the USA a Happy Birthday!

LOCATION: Housesitting in Edenton, North Carolina

WEATHER: Hot and muggy

What a nice, day, with traditional 4th of July celebrations!

We started the day on the lawn of one of the country’s oldest courthouses with a reading of the Declaration of Independence.

Joseph Hewes, one of the signers of the document, was from here, so they honored him during the ceremony.

It was very patriotic, and well-attended.

Then, we took a “cruise” around the Albermarle Sound.

Captain Mark took us on a 45-minute ride around the Sound, telling us the history of the town and some of the grand houses. Edenton was the capital of North Carolina, while it was still a British colony. It was very prosperous due to its agriculture (cotton, tobacco, and corn) and was a major transportation hub, with ships arriving with goods and transported onto trains.

We drove around town afterwards, scoping out a good place to park later tonight for the fireworks.

DINNER: Chef George grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. I made a potato salad as a traditional side.

Once it got dark, we drove downtown and found a great spot from which to watch the fireworks.

A great day!

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