Chillin’ in Edenton

LOCATION: Housesitting in Edenton, North Carolina

WEATHER: 90s and partly cloudy. Looked like we were going to get rain, but the clouds blew over

George’s sister and I checked out the cute dress and gift shops of downtown Edenton. There are quite a few. Most are pretty upscale (aka expensive). We heard that Walmart had tried to come to Edenton a few years ago, but the locals prevented the store from being built. The local shops are still vibrant as a result.

After our guests left, we just chilled for the afternoon, reading and planning our next leg of the trip. We have reserved several campgrounds, but still have a few holes in the schedule. I called a Harvest Host brewery/gastropub and was able to confirm a night there next week. We leave on Sunday, July 8 and plan to take about 3 weeks on this route, before meeting up with our friends in Fundy National Park, New Brunswick in early August. Sure hope we don’t encounter a lot of traffic!

DINNER: Sauteed scallops with seasoned rice. Salad on the side. Yum!

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