To the Beach!

LOCATION: Housesitting in Edenton, North Carolina

WEATHER: Hot, what more can I say?

Today’s destination was the Atlantic. About 45 miles from here are the Outer Banks, a long barrier island protecting the North Carolina coast.

Our first stop was the coast on the main land. The waterfront is really cute, with lots of shops, and of course, a brewpub that we had to try….

We drove up and down the island, marveling at how built up it has become. If there is ever a hurricane here, I don’t know how these thousands of people would get off on time.

It was hard finding a beach with public access and parking, but we finally found a spot.

Lots of sunburned bodies!

DINNER: On our way back from the Outer Banks, we stopped at a BBQ joint and picked up minced BBQ. North Carolina is famous for its unique BBQ style – a vinegar base rather than a ketchup-y thicker sauce. Had to have some before we leave the state soon!

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