Church slogans

LOCATION: Crossing the Mason-Dixon Line

Today, we crossed over the Mason-Dixon Line, between Maryland and Pennsylvania. We’ll say good-bye to the South until October or November. While traveling in the South, I like to find interesting signs in front of churches. Many are quite clever. Some have unusual spelling and/or grammar. Here are a few….

What is missing from CH and CH? UR!

Worry is the darkroom of negative developments

God is like oxygen – you don’t see him but you need him

We’re not Dairy Queen, but we have good Sundays!

It’s ok if you are rock bottom, as long as you are on solid rock

It’s hot outside; Come in and chill with Jesus

Sign for vacation Bible school/camp – Come get S’more of Jesus

Need a lifeguard? Ours walks on water

Church is a gift from God. Assembly requird

God can heal a broken heart, but you need to give him all the pieces

(And a warning from God……). “You think it’s hot now?” – God

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