Crab heaven!

LOCATION: Lake Somerset Campground in Westover, MD

CAMPGROUND: See yesterday’s description

WEATHER: Very nice. High 80. Cool breeze

It was beautifully cool during the night and we opened up. George even put on a jacket in the early morning! A bit of an overreaction, I think…

Today’s destination was Chincoteague Island, about 10 miles from here in the Atlantic. One of the reasons it is popular is due to its wild ponies that you can often see, and are often rounded up.

First, we arrived at the town of Chincoteague which is quite touristy, like most beach sites. We had a great Cajun shrimp po’boy sandwich at a Jimmy Buffet-style beach bar & grill.

Then, we went to the Chincoteague Wild Life Refuge, totally undeveloped. Thanks to our National Park Senior Pass, we saved the $20 entrance fee. Yay! We checked out the interpretive center and the beach there.

As we were leaving, we saw the wild ponies. We can now check that off our bucket list.

From there, we drove across the peninsula, about 25 miles from the Atlantic side to the Chesapeake Bay side where there is a marina with boats taking tourists to various islands. It calls itself the “Crab Capital of the World”.

We found a crab shack and bought 6 steamed crabs for dinner. Our choices were colossal, large or medium. We went with the medium, which were actually pretty large.

Back at the RV park, we cleaned 3 of the crabs and froze the crab meat for another meal.

It is a lot of work! Then, we warmed up the remaining 3 crabs for dinner.

DINNER: Steamed crabs, nicely warmed over a campfire, with drawn butter and lemon juice. Divine! Side was home-made pasta salad.

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