Country roads of Maryland

LOCATION: Kutztown, PA

CAMPGROUND: Saucony Creek Brewery through Harvest Hosts

WEATHER: Hot again – 90s.

We left our RV park in Westover, Maryland at 9:00 AM and headed north. We set our GPS to avoid tolls. So, an otherwise 3-hour trip would be 5.

We drove through Maryland, then parts of Delaware, then back through Maryland. Then, the GPS got crazy and tried to take us across the Chesapeake Bay to Annapolis, MD and Washington, DC. We didn’t want that! So, we reset the GPS to avoid highways. It certainly obeyed our wishes……we went through lots of small villages, and through farmland. Who knew that Maryland and Delaware are so agricultural? Lots and lots of corn and many, many road-side produce stands selling watermelon, cantaloupe, sweet corn, etc.

George was tired and asked me to drive, saying that the road was pretty good and no big cities were coming up. As usual, the minute I started driving, everything got crazy. Very narrow backroads across impossibly narrow, high bridges. Sharp curves. Very hilly, so that I couldn’t see over the truck’s hood. I even had to dodge Amish horse and buggies!!!

The 200-mile trip ended up taking 6+ hours. But – we successfully avoided Baltimore, DC, Philadelphia, and other big cities.

We had made reservations at this Harvest Host site. Such a brilliant system. We parked in their back parking lot. We can stay free. Of course, we will spend money at their brewery on beer and food. It is a win-win situation.

We played Tuesday Night Trivia. We ended up second to the last. 😦

DINNER: We grazed slowly at the brewery to stay in the cool environment. Buffalo- hot sauce cauliflower. Chili. Mushroom flat bread.

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