Beer Day in Cooperstown

LOCATION: Near Cooperstown, New York

CAMPGROUND: Glimmerglass State Park – see yesterday’s description

WEATHER: Perfect again. Highs in 70s. Lows in the 50s great sleeping weather

We slept very well, with windows open, listening to the coyotes giving us a serenade.

Our campground, a state park, is about 7 miles outside of Cooperstown. We went in to town to do some internet work and researched the brewery possibilities in the area. There are several, including Ommegang which is quite famous.

First we went to a small brewpub. It is so small that they brew their beer in their kitchen. We could smell it as we entered. So nice. We shared a house-made bratwurst and a beer. George says it was the best Scotch Ale he has ever had.

From there, we did a little hardware shopping, always fun for George, then on to the next brewery. This one is a microbrewery (not a brewpub with food). We tasted a few of their beers and chatted with the owner. We talked to them about possibly being Harvest Hosts hosts, as they are new and are trying to grow their business.

Then, on to Ommegang. We had visited this brewery 5 years ago when we first started on the road. They have doubled in size since then. Quite a sophisticated operation. Rather than the $10/each tour, we just went to their restaurant/bar and shared a sampler. Quite good. Then, a visit to their retail shop —-uh oh.

Back at the campground, we made a campfire and relaxed. Another beautiful day. No one wants to be inside!

DINNER: Leftover shrimp/scallop risotto. Sides were Japanese cucumber sunomono and a salad.

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