To the Green Mountains!

LOCATION: About an hour north of Brattleboro, Vermont near the Green Mountain National Forest

WEATHER: Nice. High 80. Low 50s

CAMPGROUND: Winhall Brook Army Corps of Engineer Campground at Ball Mountain Lake. Electricity (30 amp) and water at sites. Grassy, flat sites. Extremely clean bathrooms. Fire pit and picnic table. Wifi at registration office. $13/night with senior pass. 4 out of 5 stars

Today’s journey was only about 175 miles from Glimmerglass State Park in Cooperstown, NY to here. We opted for the scenic route instead of the interstate. Indeed it was scenic. Again, going through lots of small villages and over and down hills. We were in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. There were a lot of Amish horse and buggies on the narrow road, with no shoulder for them to pull off on. We saw them in towns with their horses, shopping and/or selling baked goods. We passed a farmer plowing his field with a horse-drawn plow. He was as surprised to see us as we were to see him!

At one point (right after I took the wheel of course), we encountered the dreaded “Pavement End” sign and drove on gravel. Never good. We saw lots of wildlife -a baby spotted deer standing in the middle of the road, a wild turkey hen with her newborns, and a MOOSE! Yes – we are in Vermont!

After getting settled in at the campground, we walked to the nearby river for a dip. George is going in…..

We sat in the beautifully clear river, George with his beer, watching tiny minnows nibbling at our dead skin. Being a mountain stream, the water was very refreshing.

DINNER: An invention that turned out pretty well. I made a kind of spinach soufflé with frozen spinach, egg, leftover bit of couscous, and horseradish cheese. Brilliant! We also had the last of a rotisserie chicken – the legs and wings that I hadn’t used in cooking previously.

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