I LOVE Vermont!

LOCATION: South Central Vermont, about 30 miles north of Brattleboro

CAMPGROUND: Winhall Hall Army Corps of Engineers. See yesterday’s review

WEATHER: Beautiful. Highs upper 70s. Cloudy

With slight rain in the forecast, we decided to do indoor activities today. As we were driving through our first village, we encountered their very vibrant farmers’ market, so thought we would check it out. It was a great one. We bought some good veg, sampled and bought some delicious local cheeses and pesto, and chatted with the vendors. There were a lot of people there with music and tables where people could hang out.

Then, on to the popular Vermont Country Store. It had been recommended to us by the campground hosts. It is an old country store where you can find things from yesteryear. A big draw is sampling fudge (we did not partake), cheeses, and snacks. it is really not our thing, but was interesting.

Then, on in search of lunch. We found a Scottish pub in another little town. The town is darling, very New England-y. Lots of painted lady Victorian houses, cute shops, and interesting looking restaurants. I think it is popular year ‘round with sightseers in the summer and skiers in the winter. The B&Bs would be very cozy in a winter wonderland.

The pub was very authentic with mostly Scottish food and beer on the menu. We shared a chicken pie.

I really think I could live here in Vermont. Many of the small towns have everything you need – small grocery, pharmacy, library, bookstore. I see quite a few Florida license plates. I think many retirees live here half the year, and in Florida the other half.

Back in the campground, we found two other AirStreamers. Coincidentally we are all three the same size and make. We had little “open houses” to compare decor and layouts.

DINNER: We started with some cheese we had bought at the farmers’ market with a baguette. Appetizer was gazpacho. Main course was spaghetti with pesto from the market stirred into some sautéed zucchini and onions. All very local and summery!

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