Day trip to cool Brattleboro

LOCATION: Near South Londonderry, Vermont in south central part of state

CAMPGROUND: Winhall Brook Army Corps of Engineers. See previous description

WEATHER: Disappointedly hot again. HIghs in 80s

Today’s destination was Brattleboro, about 30 miles south of here. I have visited Brattleboro before, when our daughter was looking at colleges around here. It is a really cool town, sort of artsy and hippie-like. We saw several Westfalia vans. The downtown is very vibrant.

We checked out a microbrewery in the downtown area. We were surprised that they only brew sour beers. We shared a tasting of 4 different ones. Not too bad, but I can’t imagine drinking an entire pint of one. It is named after Vermont’s state bird – Hermit Thrush. We did the normal chatting with the beer pourer. He asked where we are from. I said Minnesota; George said Texas. As conversations go, he asked where in Minnesota. When I said Rochester, he said that the owner/brewer is from Rochester. I asked his name. It turns out that I know his mother, a prominent physician at Mayo Clinic where I used to work. Small world!

We went to a brewpub for lunch, but they were out of food. The kind bartender offered to call across the street for take-out. Everything is quite laid back, not competitive.

From there, we drove out into the country, to a little village where a friend of our daughter went to college. High on Hogback Mountain, they are building a brewery that overlooks the valley. Until they get their pizza oven ready, they have a Polish food truck in their driveway. We talked with the cool owners.

Back at the campground, we had dinner and made a nice campfire.

DINNER: Shrimp fried rice. I used some of the Chinese cabbage I had bought at the farmers’ market.

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