From Vermont’s Green Mountains to the White Mountains of New Hampshire

LOCATION: North Woodstock, New Hampshire in the western White Mountains, in the north central part of the state

CAMPGROUND: Lost River Campground. Although private, its woodsy, rustic appearance and make it seem like a state park. Very wooded. So many trees that it made backing into the site a real ordeal. Dirt sites with electricity (30 amp) and water. Central dumping station. OK showers but cost $.25. How cheap! Wifi at office. Laundry. $36/night. 2 out of 5 stars

WEATHER: Heavy rain in the morning. Overcast with light showers in the PM. Seems strange – thermostat in car stayed at 73 all day

As predicted, it rained during the night, then absolutely poured in the morning. Lots of thunder and lightening. Hail was predicted, so we were concerned. George got stranded in the shower room for about an hour. This “lake” appeared around our front door.

We drove mostly east through the Green Mountains on a Vermont “Scenic Byway” thorough cute New England villages. We stopped at a roadside pullout along a river for a nice picnic lunch.

We originally were going to Portsmouth, on the coast, to a Harvest Host brewery, but realized that it would be about 100 miles of backtracking, so we just drove on to this campground where we already had reservations for tomorrow. They had room for us, but we will have to change sites in the morning.

George said he had a bad premonition while still in the parking lot – muddy and untidy. I don’t think any campers larger than ours could fit in here. Most are pop-ups and tents. Very narrow roads with a lot of trees. However, it is quite pretty with trout streams on either side of the campsites.

It took about an hour to get the camper into the site. George hit a small tree while backing up. There was jut not enough room, even though George is excellent at parking. He likes the camper to be very level, so we tried to put levelers on one side, but they sunk in the mud. What a mess. He finally decided that it was “good enough”.

We will be here 5 nights. Even though the campground is not ideal, it is located in a beautiful spot with a lot to do around here.

DINNER: I REALLY need to go shopping! We ate the final items in the freezer – leftover meatloaf and Lima beans.

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