Move to New Hampshire?

LOCATION: Near North Woodstock, New Hampshire in north central part of state

CAMPGROUND: Lost River Campground. See previous description

WEATHER: Very nice again. High 70s. Lows at night about 50

The campground is filling up, as we near the weekend. This little girl brought us some firewood as she and her father packed up to leave.

Today’s destination was Hanover, NH, home of Ivy League Dartmouth College. I’ve been thinking that I would like to live in NH in the fall, spring and summer, and then travel in the winter. I’ve been doing some research. NH is another state without state income tax. College towns are very appealing with all they offer in the way of theatre, music, restaurants, shops, good local bus. Hanover did not disappoint. The downside is the cost of real estate. Yikes!

It was about an hour’s trip, through the back roads, and on an empty gas tank without a gas station in sight. We made it on fumes. Dartmouth College dominates the town. The Appalachian Trail runs right through it. We saw a few loaded down, tired looking hikers. We are standing on trail with this view of part of the campus…

We walked around the vibrant downtown and found a good spot for lunch. George is not excited as I am about all of this.

We took another scenic byway (all roads in VT and NH seemed to be marked “scenic byway’) to a cute mountain town. An old grist mill is now the site of a very popular brewery and pizza place

Back in Woodstock, the Hobo Train passed us, taking passengers on a 2-hour ride through the mountains.

We went to one of the ski resorts where they house a small winery. We tasted their fairly good wines with grapes sourced from elsewhere. We chatted with a customer from the Thousand Islands area of New York, where we hope to go later in the summer, and got some tidbits from her.

Back at the campground, George made another good campfire.

Our site backs up to this stream. In the spring, it becomes a raging river.

DINNER: I tried a new recipe that was only so-so. Lentil mushroom stroganoff. Lots of leftovers, I’m afraid.

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