Traversing the White Mountain Trail

LOCATION: North Woodstock, New Hampshire – in central part of state

CAMPGROUND: Lost River Campground. See previous description

WEATHER: Sunny. High low 80s

Our plan today was to drive the 100-mile White Mountain Trail loop around the mountains. We stopped in several scenic view spots and trailhead stops.

At this stop, we watched this guy trying to decide whether to jump in the pool below or not. He finally did, then couldn’t figure out how to get out…

At the base of Mount Washington, famous for its ruggedness and frigid winds, we considered taking the cog railroad up to the summit, but the $69 per person senior rate deterred us.

We had a nice view of the mountain along with the Mount Washington Inn.

From there, we found a darling mountain town full of ski lodges. We stopped in one and enjoyed an al fresco lunch.

We did a few more short hikes on our way back home.

I had really hoped to see a moose, as our scenic trail map showed several places (wallows) where they likely would be. All we saw was moose poop. Maybe tomorrow.

The campground is chock full of families, arriving from Boston and other urban centers for a long weekend. We talked with one guy who is here with 2 other families. Among the 4 sites, they have 12 children – all under the age of 8. And, they brought LOTS of stuff!

DINNER: Chipotle chili.

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