New Hampshire’s Beautiful Lake District

LOCATION: North Woodstock, New Hampshire in central part of state

CAMPGROUND: Lost River. See previous description

WEATHER: Sunny. High mid 70s. Beautiful

The campground is chock-a-block with children and young parents. The kids are so excited to be here. Everything is an adventure – cooking over a campfire, riding bikes all around without supervision, checking out the ping pong room, fishing in the trout stream. We don’t begrudge them at all, even though it makes for a bit crowded and noisy campground. We tend to take it all for granted – the ability to camp where we want, relax in Mother Nature, enjoy a campfire, and the excitement of exploring new territory. These folks probably only have one or two weeks out of the year that they can do this. We can do it all the time! We are so fortunate.

Today’s outing was to New Hampshire’s Lake District. Who knew about this gem? We drove 30 miles south to Lake Winnipesakukee, “Lake of Smiling Waters”. We drove the circumference of the lake, which is about 35 miles long. Each area is different. We started in the bustling, crazy part with shops, restaurants, cruise ship options, marinas, etc. Crazy busy with people. Then, it transitioned to grand, old homes, then to farm land, then back to tourist-land. We stopped for lunch in Wolfeboro, considered to be America’s first summer resort.

In a restaurant overlooking the lake, we met a local guy who kind of attached to us. He was like a George clone – never met a stranger. He lives on an island in the lake. He took us around and led us to a nannobrewery. We checked it out, then drove onward.

The area reminded me of the lake region in northern Minnesota, but even busier. Who knew this was here?

The area is full of mom-and-pop little motels and cabins. Very cute.

We drove by Squam Lake, this one much more sedate, where “On Golden Pond” was filmed. A great day!

DINNER: Another so-so dinner. I’ve been reading about riced cauliflower, a low-cal, low-carb substitute for rice and potatoes. I tried a recipe with it. It was a casserole of hamburger, tomatoes, taco seasoning, sautéed onions and peppers, and riced (diced very tiny) cauliflower. Cheese on top. A little hot sauce helped it, but I probably won’t repeat the recipe.

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