Checking out Portland

LOCATION: Near Freeport, Maine

CAMPGROUND: Blueberry Pond Campground. See yesterday’s description

WEATHER: Rainy and cool. Highs about 70

Bummer – We discovered a big, bad dent on the top back side of the Airstream this morning. We are really perplexed how it got there. There were no limbs on the ground around it. It may have happened when we were driving, otherwise we would have heard something hit it. The limb, or whatever, also broke a light. Here is George trying to patch it up….

Today, we wanted to see a bit of Portland, about 20 miles from here. Like Portland, Oregon, it is a beer-lovers’ paradise. We went to a pub for lunch where we had a gift card. It had more than 80 beers on tap – all from Maine microbreweries!

Back at the campground, we made a campfire to cook the steamer clams we had bought for dinner. They are still alive. Quite big and have legs poking out.

DINNER: I prepared the clams like I cook mussels – I sauteed some onion and garlic, added wine and water and made a nice broth. (I did this inside in the kitchen). Then, not wanting to smell up the Airstream, I put the pan of broth on the campfire, and George finished up cooking them over the fire. We ate them with some drawn butter and some ciabatta rolls to sop up the juice. Really tasty ! Side was steamed cauliflower and broccoli.

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