Everything in moderation

LOCATION: Wiscasset, Maine

CAMPGROUND: Chewonki RV Park – see yesterday’s description

WEATHER: Rainy, overcast. Highs low 70s

Rain is forecast for the next several days, so we are making the best of it with indoor activities.

We drove in to Brunswick, about 15 miles from here, to check out a brewery that is supposedly a “Destination Brewery”. It is located at an old British Air Force building from WWII. The airport now is an executive, private-jet one.

From there, we went in to the town of Brunswick itself. It is a lovely town, with a vibrant downtown and a nice park with food trucks parked around. We bought a tasty, juicy chicken sub and shared it on a park bench.

Then, to Sea Dog Brewery which is quite popular, with several outlets. This one is in an old mill. Very pleasant, and great wifi!

Then, to a 3rd brewery. Note that we had small pours in each one, as “everything in moderation” is best.

We drove around the area, and discovered our namesake – Reid State Park! We checked it out. It is a lovely, rugged beach area, but unfortunately does not offer camping.

As we watch TV news, we are saddened about the natural disasters occurring in different parts of the US. We watched footage of Yosemite National Park being evacuated, just where we were last year, and Idlewyld, CA, a cute mountain town we visited a few years ago, now mostly destroyed. We just missed the rain and floods in Pennsylvania and New York where we were a few weeks ago.

DINNER: Leftover vegetarian stroganoff “beefed up” with some hamburger.

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