Wicked good times in Maine

LOCATION: Wiscasset, Maine

CAMPGROUND: Chewonki Campground. See previous description

WEATHER: Rain and fog most of the day. High mid 70s

Today’s highlight was meeting up with a former professional colleague of mine in Rockland, about an hour east of Wiscasset. She and I met while serving together on the ASHHRA Board of Directors. (American Society of Healthcare Human Resources Association). We toured the Farnmouth Museum together, featuring hometown’s famous Andrew Wyeth and family artists. Very well-done.

Even though it was foggy, we enjoyed a beautiful view at an outdoor restaurant overlooking the water. (Note the yacht in the background). We had a wicked good lunch – a baked potato stuffed with crab meat and cheese. (In Maine they use the word “wicked” to mean “very good”).

We stopped later at a wicked good microbrewery and took advantage of their wicked strong wifi.

On our way back to Wiscasset, we drove down narrow inlets toward the ocean. One could spend months exploring these fingers of land that form the coastline.

DINNER: Leftover chili. (Not wicked good, but ok). :-).

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