Wicked good Lobstah!

LOCATION: Wiscasset, Maine

CAMPGROUND: Chewonki Campground. See previous description

WEATHER: Sunny again. Yeah! Highs upper 70s

My friend from Maine recommended a “lobster shack” so today we decided to check it out. Lobster is for sale everywhere – gas stations, fast food shops, expensive restaurants, road-side stands, food trucks. We wanted “the real thing”. Based on the book “1000 Places to Go Before You Die” and other critics, Red’s Eats is the best place to buy a lobster roll. It is just a few minutes from our campground. No matter what time of day, it has a long, long line of customers. We didn’t want to stand in that line, although they do, thoughtfully, provide umbrellas to protect customers from rain or too much sunshine.

We drove quite awhile down a narrow slice of land between picturesque inlets. Everyone here seems to be a lobster fisherman. We saw artists painting pictures of the scenery in “plein aire”.

At the end of the road, on an island, we found our destination – McLoon’s Lobstah Shack. We shared a wicked good lobster roll…

And some clams that we watched being grilled…

We sat outside at a picnic table, overlooking the water and watching the fishermen.

Later, we talked with a local who told us that even though Red’s Eats is the most famous, the lobster rolls at McLoon’s are better and cheaper.

From there, we poked around side roads until we saw a sign for a winery. It was the most unassuming winery we have ever visited – just an old barn. The winemaker uses hand cranks to press the grapes, all in the cellar of the barn.

As we were tasting their (fairly good) wines and ciders, we watched them unload a truck full of wild blueberries. They will let them ferment and make wine from them later.

Back at the campground, we put away our screen tent as it is supposed to rain again tonight. We packed up a little to prepare for tomorrow’s departure.

DINNER: Leftover pasta with a pesto sauce. Salad on the side.

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