Almost out of gas….

LOCATION: Outside of Bar Harbor, Maine

CAMPGROUND: Seawall Campground within Acadia National Park. As with most national park campgrounds, it is woodsy and basic. Clean bathrooms (no showers). No hook-ups. Beautiful location. Campfire pit and picnic table. With senior pass, $15/night. 4 stars out of 5.

WEATHER: Hot and sunny. Cool and pleasant evening.

We took our time packing up at Chewonki Campground ( wanting to get our money’s worth. Too bad we had to leave today, as the swimming pool looked inviting, finally. It really is a nice campground, just too expensive.

However, we have glanced at RV Parks along the highway that look much worse. The big rigs are packed in like sardines, and are probably the same price. And, Chewonki has been a great location for exploring this part of the coast.

So, we said a fond farewell, and headed north (but called “Down East”). I am confused.

We drove through the cutest seaside towns, and by mansions that probably were once summer houses of the rich and famous, but are now mostly inns and B&Bs.

We stopped for a picnic along the highway overlooking the water and a bridge with the tallest observatory in the world.

The trip was about 3 hours to the entrance of Acadia. It is a very large park, and our campground was all the way at the end of a road, way into the park. Just as we entered the Visitors’ Center, the warning beep sounded telling us we were very low on gas. George’s plan was to get to the campsite, unhook the Airstream, then fill up when we were in town again. We missed the turn for the campsite, and according to the map, would have to drive about 40 miles to get there. We wouldn’t make it. I had visions of running out of gas on the narrow, shoulderless road through the park. So, we turned around and drove into the town of Bar Harbor. A cruise ship was in town, making it terribly crowded. Pedestrians everywhere. Lots and lots of cute shops. Every building seemed to be an inn, mostly with “no vacancy” signs. We dodged the pedestrians, navigated the narrow and crowded streets, and squeezed into a teeny gas station. With our gas tank happily full, we headed to the campsite again.

We knew that we would not have electricity and water, so we had previously filled our water tank. I was worried about electricity; translation: no air conditioning. It was hot in Bar Harbor – 85, but when we pulled into the campground, it was magically 70. Very pleasant. It would be ok sleeping.

DINNER – Last of the leftovers. To the leftover riced cauliflower dish, I added leftover grilled hamburger and broccoli. Nice arugula salad and good tomato on the side.

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