Meeting Minnesota friends

LOCATION: Acadia National Park, near Bar Harbor

CAMPGROUND: Seawall Campground, part of the National Park

WEATHER: Sunny. Very pleasant. Highs upper 70s. Cool at night

One of today’s less glamorous chores was to do laundry. So nice to get all clean clothes again!

We found a cool spot for lunch, at a seafood restaurant/bar overlooking a marina. We had a CALT – crab/avocado/lettuce/tomato sandwich. Very tasty. The place was hopping with live music and gorgeous views..

Our campground is named after this natural seawall adjacent to the campground.

Then, we drove around the west side of Mt Desert Island (home of the national park) in an area that is much less crowded. The park and private lands criss-cross each other. We stopped in several little coves and admired the scenery.

We had arranged to meet up with friends from Rochester, Minnesota (our former hometown) who are passing through here. The plan was to meet at a beautiful terraced restaurant in Bar Harbor overlooking the water so we could enjoy the sunset together. Bar Harbor is so overrun with tourists, that there was no place to park. So, we drove to one of the park’s visitors’ center and caught the free island shuttle bus back to town.

The sunset was very nice and we really enjoyed talking with old friends.

George and I shared a platter called “Taste of Maine” that had lobster, crab, smoked shrimp (particularly good), mussels, and salad.

A very pleasant evening. It was not so fun, however, driving back in the dark to the campground. We thought a moose might jump out in front of us at any time!

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