Canada, here we come!

LOCATION: Between Fredericton and Saint John, New Brunswick

CAMPGROUND: A roadside rest area. Picnic table; no other amenities. 4 stars out of 5. Free!

WEATHER: Hot and sunny – 88. Cool at night

We got an early start packing up from Acadia National Park. We have been at Acadia 3 nights, without electricity and water. This has been a test. The battery did great and we have plenty of water. So, this tells us that we can “boondock” —- camp without hookups for at least 3-4 days with no worries. We don’t have solar panels or a generator, but we don’t seem to need either.

Our destination was western New Brunswick, Canada. Our GPS took us in a round-about way, first NW to Bangor, then NE to the border. We went through a lot of “Maine Woods”. It is very sparsely populated with lots of beautiful pine trees and lakes.

We stopped for lunch at a Mom&Pop food truck and shared a scallop roll. Really tasty. I offered to drive after that, and of course, the road went to pot. We have never been on such a bumpy secondary highway. It must be from the snowplows in the winter. The speed limit was 40mph, but I couldn’t even get up to that speed due to the bumps. (Later when we opened the trailer, we found that cupboards had sprung open and we had dishes scattered all over the floor). There were virtually no houses along the way, so there was no traffic. Lots of signs warning about moose and deer on the highway, one saying that it is a “high hit” area.

The border was a breeze. No one was in line. The agent asked about guns, and we told him that we are probably about the only Texans without them. We had stocked up on beer and wine in Maine due to the higher prices in Canada. When we told him how much we had, he didn’t care. He didn’t even ask about my herbs that I had tossed, certain that they would be confiscated.

Due to the time zone change and the slow-going roads, it was later than we had planned as we entered Nova Scotia. Our destination was a Harvest Host alpaca farm that closes at 4:00, and it was already 5:30. We approached the farm and both said “uh-oh”. It was a narrow, dirt road with a lot of pot holes. The house was pretty dilapidated, and 3 enormous, barking dogs rushed to greet us. The owners showed us where we could camp – in the middle of a hay field that had not been mown. It was in full 90-degree sun. We decided it would not work. I got out to help George turn around. The cute alpacas, along with goats and sheep, stuck their heads out of their barns to watch me.

What to do? We thought we would keep on driving until we found a campground. The GPS said the nearest one would be 2 hours away. Nothing else to do, but to move on. About 15 minutes later, we saw this rest stop without any “no overnight parking” signs and said “This will do”. We relaxed in the shade of a covered picnic table and had a nice dinner. The traffic on the highway stopped about 9:00, so it was pretty quiet. We opened up all the windows and had a nice breeze. What an adventure!!

DINNER: Rotisserie chicken and broccoli with cheese.

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