Tidal bore or Tied and Boar?

LOCATION: Fundy National Park in SE New Brunswick

CAMPGROUND: Chignecto North within the park. See yesterday’s description

WEATHER: Light rain in the AM; Sunny in PM. Hot inland; cool on the coast

Today’s destination was Moncton, one of 3 major cities in New Brunswick. Since the weather was still a bit iffy, we decided to do an indoor activity. So, how about tasting some beer?!? We found a “filling station” that sells growlers and cans, so we stocked up on some. Then, the weather cleared up and we found a nice outdoor restaurant for lunch. We had asked for a restaurant recommendation at the brewery, and we thought they said “Tidal Bore”. That would make sense since we are on the Bay of Fundy. We couldn’t find it. Finally, asked again and learned that it is a play on words – Tide & Boar. They actually serve wild boar, and Tony and Jenny tasted their boar poutine.

We then walked along the river and watched the tide come in.. This is a daily spectacle – finding out when the tide changes. This is when the incoming tide meets the outgoing tide and causes an actual wave. This phenomenon is called a bore. The Bay of Fundy has the most dramatic ones in the world. Sometimes surfers actually surf on it. This happens twice a day, every day. The water churns so much that it is called the “Chocolate River”.

We stopped at another place to see the rocks at high tide. Tomorrow, we will return and see it at low tide – photos to compare the two to follow tomorrow!

Lobster is king here, as it is in Maine. Our campground is next to a cute fishing village. The lobster boats in the bay sometimes are docked in water, and other times (low tide) in the mud.

Lobster is on every menu, and is even available at Subway!

DINNER: It was our turn to cook tonight. We had brats and wieners on the grill and potato salad. George (in another unsupervised shopping trip) had bought some cod tongues. He grilled them as appetizers; they were NOT a hit.

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