Bay of Fundy experiences

LOCATION: Fundy National Park

CAMPGROUND: Chignecto North Campground, within the national park

WEATHER: Like Camelot – rain during the night; beautiful during the day

As a breakfast treat, Chef Tony made some blueberry pancakes with the wild blueberries we had picked yesterday. Then we were off to the Visitors’ Center. We did some wifi work, then toured another part of the park. At one of the other campgrounds within the park, we spotted this antique Boler camper, like the one Tony and Jenny had when we first met. The owner had done a fabulous job painting the Boler to match his antique car.

Fundy has lots of hiking trails, and we selected a 2-mile “moderate” difficulty trail near the campground. We saw lots and lots of mushrooms, and later tried to identify them in Tony’s mushroom book. There are a lot of chanterelles near our campsite. We sautéed some the other night, and plan to do some more tomorrow. They like the rain and shade of the oak and pine trees.

Our treat today was a lobster dinner. We realized that our seafood pot is too small to fit 2 medium-sized lobsters, so we bought them already boiled at the lobster pound.

Back at the campground, we warmed them up in the pot (as they had shrunk while cooking at the pound).

We sat around the picnic table cracking the shells, sucking on legs, and enjoying the taste.

DINNER: Lobster with some drawn butter. Zucchini casserole as a side.

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