LOCATION: Fundy National Park

CAMPGROUND: Chignecto North campground, inside Fundy Nat’l Park

WEATHER: Hard rain overnight. Overcast in AM, then nice. High 70s

Today’s highlight was a Pow-Wow sponsored by the national park. Tribes from all over, primarily the local MI’KMAQs, came together to strengthen their friendships and to showcase their culture to non-Indians (called First Nations people in Canada). They wore beautiful, traditional costumes, including this little girl’s.

The MI’KMAQ performed several dances, all with special significance

The First Nation people are beautiful and are obviously proud of their culture.

We had a seafood lunch at an outdoor restaurant overlooking the harbor. George finally agreed that it was warm enough to sit outside.

Then, another 2-mile hike in the park, this trail categorized as “easy”. It wound through lots of bogs, where moose should have been lurking, but no luck in spotting any.

We stopped at the lobster pound again, this time to buy halibut at a very reasonable price for a future dinner. The “boys” (Tony and George) just HAD to play with the biggest lobsters….

DINNER: My turn to cook again. I made a chicken/tomato casserole with a parmesan crust. Served with rice and peas. George and Tony picked some fresh chanterelles and Tony sautéed them up. A special treat!

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