Acadian road trip

LOCATION: Kouchiboguac National Park in eastern New Brunswick

CAMPGROUND: South Kouchiboguac, in the park

WEATHER: Sunny and pleasant in AM; downpour in PM

Today we drove up and down the coast. Our park is on the Gulf of St Lawrence. On a clear day, you could see Prince Edward Island from here.

We stopped at a bay where there is a long, long sand dune. We walked along the boardwalk, enjoying cool breezes from the Northumberland Strait.

Then, back to the mainland strolling on the beach. There were a few people in the water, but it was still quite cold.

Time for lunch! We found a cute Acadian restaurant along the bay. It seemed like mostly locals. Language is interesting here. In Quebec, French (only) is spoken. In almost every other Canadian province, English is dominant. Here in New Brunswick, everyone is bilingual, French and English, and particularly here in Acadia, they speak Acadian (Cajun) French. The restaurant menu had a section of Acadian items, so we chose them. George and I shared a clam pie. Quite good, with obviously homemade crust. Poutine is a popular Canadian dish. It is generally a bowl of French fries with cheese curds and gravy poured over it. It is jokingly called “heart attack” fare. Tony ordered the Acadian poutine, which turned out quite different. It was shredded potato, rolled into a ball, stuffed with some pork meat, then steamed. It was a bit strange.

We found a seafood shop to buy mussels raised at a huge mussel farm in the bay. Then back home through hail and a strong downpour.

DINNER: Steamed mussels, with a broth of sauteed onion, garlic and wine. Stopped up the good broth with ciabatta bread. Side was a salad with lettuce from a local farmers’ market. Yum!

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